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Social Media

With over 1000 followers on instagram and facebook, our digital platforms reach countless students, hobbyists, and groups across the globe, including the USA , India, Mexico, and Brazil.

Toronto Buildings Show

Ryerson Baja annually attends the Toronto Buildings Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. As a convention attracting thousands of Engineers and industry professionals, a large portion of our in-person networking with professionals happens here. 

Baja SAE Design Series

Playing host to 100s of diverse teams every year, the SAE Collegiate Design Series is where every team comes together to put their products to the test. Teams looking for the next competitive edge will always take note of what their competitors are sporting.

Our Outreach

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Sponsorship Benefits

We offer logos on our website, vehicle, and merchandise, as well featured posts on our social media!

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Ways You Can Support Us

Some common ways you can support us include:

Monetary Sponsorship;

Material Sponsorship, including products, parts, and services; and

Professional Support, including guidance and opportunities.

This list is not all-encompassing, if there are different ways you'd like to support us, we are always open to new opportunities!

For more information, or if you're interested in supporting us, we can be reached at: