Available Positions on Our Team

Open positions are listed here in alphabetical order. Feel free to contact us an any time with questions!

Applications for all positions listed are due at 11:59 PM on June 11th

CAD Lead



  • Solidworks

    • Weldments

    • Assemblies

    • Simulation and Analysis

  • Must be proficient with Solidworks (CSWP or equivalent recommended)


  • Work closely with all other design leads to develop professional and functional CAD assemblies

    • Assess and report any incompatibilities found between designs

  • Lead FEA for interpretation by respective leads

  • Develop and implement an effective file organization method (naming convention, folder system, etc.)

Chassis Lead



  • Tube frame design

  • Welding

  • Aerodynamics

  • Solidworks weldments (preferred)


  • With the chassis as the most central component of the vehicle, the Chassis lead must collaborate and coordinate with all other leads

  • Develop a plan for body panels (materials, attachment points and methods, etc.)

  • Interpret stress and impact analysis, some required by Baja SAE guidelines

  • Oversee and execute the manufacturing process

Communications Lead



  • Social Media

  • Marketing

  • Web design

  • Multimedia production


  • Ensure consistent graphics are maintained (provide branding training to your sub-team)

  • Lead the generation of graphics and other multimedia

  • Manage of social media profiles such as instagram, facebook, and linkedin

  • Improve and manage the team website, ryersonbaja.com, built on wix (you're looking at it!)

Electrical Lead



  • Standard vehicle electric systems as per ruleset

  • Data collection

  • Microcontroller programming

  • Weatherproofed electronics


  • Produce critical circuitry of kill switch and signal light systems

  • Develop a data logging system for use during testing

  • Further improve and explore possible electronic vehicle systems, expanding the utilization of computers and electronic systems on our vehicle

  • e.g. live feedback wireless data logger, e-cvt, drive-by-wire, electric powertrain

Finance Lead



  • Budgeting

  • Cheque Requisitions

  • Financial management


  • Present budget request to the RESS VP Finance and FEAS Manager of Student Engagement and Development during bi-annual budget review meetings

  • Ensure timely submissions of cheque requisitions

  • Monitor and update the budget as the season progresses

  • Complete the Cost Report documents required by SAE

Human Factors Lead




  • Develop a cockpit and driver controls that considers ergonomics, ensures driver safety, and allows for optimal performance

  • Collaborate with other leads through every development stage to ensure their work considers human factors

  • Ensure successful egress as per SAE guidelines

Outreach Lead



  • Sponsorship/Corporate Relations

  • Alumni Relations

  • Professional Communication


  • Maintain relationships with existing sponsors and actively seek out new partnerships

  • Ensure the team meets the needs of sponsors as per sponsorship agreements

  • With the Communications Lead, develop and expand the linkedin page and sponsorship pages of the website

  • Expand and strengthen connections with Ryerson Alumni and past members

Powertrain Lead



  • Engine (Briggs & Stratton Model 19)

  • Fuel delivery

  • CVT

  • Differentials

  • Transaxle

  • Driveshaft

  • Axles


  • Develop a modern baja powertrain system centred around a spec engine and transaxle

  • Incorporate the 4WD system effectively

  • Develop and conduct tests and calculations to ensure reliability of the system

Co Vehicle Dynamics Leads


This role can be applied to individually.

To apply with another person, please submit individual applications and mention each other somewhere in the form.


  • Braking

  • Wheels and tires

  • Steering

  • Suspension

  • A-arms


  • Develop designs for the vehicle dynamics systems as listed

  • Produce geometrical schematics to validate designs

  • Through virtual and in-person testing, tune the listed components to improve performance and reliability