Available Positions
on Our Team

Open Lead and Officer positions are listed here in alphabetical order.

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Applications for listed positions are due at 11:59 PM on Wednesday September 22nd

CAD Officer



  • Solidworks

    • Weldments

    • Assemblies

    • Simulation and Analysis

  • Must be proficient with Solidworks (CSWP or equivalent recommended)


  • Work closely with the design leads to develop professional and functional CAD assemblies

    • Assess and report any incompatibilities found between designs

  • Lead FEA (and possibly CFD tests) for interpretation by respective leads

  • Develop and implement an effective file organization method (naming convention, folder system, grabcad protocol, etc.)

Human Factors Lead


As well as the responsibilities listed here, all Leads are expected to lead and manage a sub-team and attend weekly executive meetings.



  • Develop a cockpit design and driver controls that considers ergonomics, ensures driver safety, and allows for optimal performance

  • Collaborate with other leads through every development stage to ensure their work considers human factors

  • Ensure successful egress as per SAE guidelines

Operations Officer



  • COVID-19 Safety Protocol

  • Inventory and space management

  • Representation and communication


  • Act as the designated Return to Campus Safety Officer for the Ryerson Baja team

  • Uphold shop condition including ensuring cleanliness and proposing upgrades for safety, functionality, and presentation

  • Oversee shop safety procedures and make recommendations to improve safety

  • Communicate with FMD to place work orders as necessary

  • Act as a liaison with FEAS and RESS on ESDZ related matters

  • Catalogue, monitor, and manage inventory