BAJA 101

Friday, January 21st on Zoom!

Meet the Team

Get the chance to talk to us one-on-one and learn what we're working on!

Get Involved

Learn how you can help push us to the next level by joining our team!

This event is open to all Ryerson students, in every major and at any experience level!

Marble Surface

Our Keynote Topics

BAJA Power and Motion

Led by Sandranil, Stefan, and Zakariya

Come learn about the physical movement of the vehicle and the roles the powertrain, vehicle dynamics, and human factors teams play in its design! 

Diversity in BAJA

Led by Ariba, Reet, and Yara

Learn how our three female leads contribute to our team's success and about our initiative to increase team diversity this year!

BAJA Banks and History

Led by Hussain and Zyam

A brief introduction to design team finances and go into how finances play a role in motorsports. We will also talk about the creation of the team along with our progress up until present day and go over our goals for this year.

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