BAJA 101

Tuesday January 19th on Zoom!

Meet the Team

Get the chance to talk to us one-on-one and learn what we're working on!

Get Involved

Learn how you can help push us to the next level by joining our team!

This event is open to all Ryerson students, in every major and at any experience level!

Marble Surface

Our Breakout Sessions

Extreme E and the Future of Baja

Led by Zyam and Thomas

The future is electric! Learn how Ryerson Baja is adapting to the future as we move towards a more advanced and sustainable world.

Competing in the World of Baja SAE

Led by Shiraz

The world of Baja SAE is huge, including teams from the USA, India, Mexico, Brazil and Korea. Learn how we compete against them all!

Women in Engineering

Led by Dania, Christine, and Oresta

Hear first hand experiences from our three bada** ladies and learn how they contribute to our team's success!

Baja Blueprints

Led by Dania, Christine, and Oresta

This session will give you the full rundown of our pride and joy: learn how our Baja vehicle works and how we put it together!

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